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The Top 10 Lakes in Germany Where Makes Swimming Fun

Man plans his summer vacation and this should be memorable and perfect. What is the most important thing on a summer holiday? Cool off properly during good summer weather to. But not everywhere offers this possibility. The top 10 lakes Germany! It may not always be the foreign, because the lakes Germany ‘s have their charm. It may not always be the swimming pool or the water park if you want to cool off in summer! In Germany you can be just as beautiful lakes to recover. For this load just relaxing swim a while. Who here has concerns that the water quality concern, which can be assured that most of the lakes in Germany are subject to regular inspections, so that an excellent water quality is ensured and the Baden real fun. Here are the ten most beautiful lakes of Germany.

Bodensee : One of the most beautiful lakes in Germany’s Lake Constance, which is one of the largest lakes in Central Europe. would not matter if you swim, sail or surf – This lake is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. In addition, the Lake has a very good water quality. Likewise, holding the sea, for cyclists, already well-developed bike paths and the remarkable island Mainau invites you to linger.

Breitenauer Lake : In the Swabian-Franconian Forest is the Breitenauer lake. By the predominantly mild climate in this region was a recreational area that includes the lake Breitenauer. This lake offers everything that one to rest and relaxation needs. Extensive lawns, a swimming area, perfect and glorious state Flair – embedded in the Swabian countryside – offer recreational fun for young and old.

Titisee : Lake Titisee in the Black Forest is another lake in Germany.
He is a popular holiday and s-trip, with all possible versions of the free time: Here you can sail, dive, swim and surf.

Chiemsee : The Chiemsee lake in the beautiful Bavarian Alps, impresses with excellent water quality and the flat shore, which makes this lake for families with children interesting. Does the weather is not so with so offer plenty of bad weather alternative is a welcome change.

Tegernsee : 50 km southeast of Munich lies the beautiful Tegernsee. Surrounded by forested mountains and hills that invite the numerous beach bathrooms. Besides the swimming and relaxing the Tegernsee and the surrounding area perfect for cycling, walking and cycling are suitable.

Edersee : Nestled in a beautiful low mountain range lies the Edersee, a reservoir in Hessen. By an excellent water quality offers here a paradise for all watersports enthusiasts who surf, sailing, swimming, diving, fishing, water skiing, canoeing or want. The Edersee supplier due to its versatility and its beautiful location of the most beautiful lakes in Germany.

Bleilochtalsperre : The largest reservoir in Germany, the Bleilochtalsperre, lies in Thuringia. The Bleilochtalsperre enjoying not only floats for water sports and great popularity, but also offers biking and hiking enthusiasts, ideal conditions to relax to. Thus, the Bleilochtalsperre is one of the most popular lakes in Germany and attracts many tourists.

Lake Müritz : As the second largest lake in Germany is the Müritzsee known, located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District. The shoreline of Lake Müritz, small forests, meadows and rolling hills to the west and reedy marshes, swamp forest and wetland dominated by shrubs in the east. The Müritz offers water friends all they need to relax, so as is the lake vacation home every year very popular.

Plau : The Plauer Lake, also located in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, offers many opportunities for recreation. Here you can glide swimming, and rowing, sailing, surfing and motor boating. And also a diving excursion nothing stands in your way. This lake is part of the Mecklenburg Lake District, here awaits the tourists a good water quality.

Steinhude : The Steinhude in Lower Saxony’s largest lake. Then there are two artificial islands. For water sports enthusiasts the Steinhude is considered most important in the northern German inland. Besides the possibility to pass the time with water sports, there are numerous recreational activities, where you can meet.


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