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Skywalk in the Alps

AlpspiX: A thousand feet above the abyss

They really stand out swinging over the abyss, over dizzy heights and even museums are home: spectacular viewing platforms, bridges and walkways are the new trend in the Alps and the amount of courage for boatman – we show the most breathtaking designs from South Tyrol to Bavaria.

The Swifts above the Rhine gorge

In the Swiss canton of Grisons, the Rhine rises as babbling mountain stream and works its way through the spectacular, more than 400 feet deep gorge Ruinaulta. “Little Swiss Grand Canyon” the Confederates called this massive scenery south of Flims, which they crowned five years ago with a special vantage point. Like a swift – Rhaeto spir – Corinna Menn’s design stands of larch wood, steel and only one pillar of the pine forest on the canyon beyond.

180 degrees, the view here on the Upper Rhine gorge, the world’s second largest landslide. In less than an hour goes by Flims-Dorf, Waldhaus, Flims and Flims Trin through the shady woods to the United Conn. Alternatives are mountain biking or horse-drawn carriage. Il Spir is also on long-distance trail Sursilvana Senda, of the Upper Rhine follows on its northern flank.

AlpspiX – About feet on the ground

Even experienced mountaineers here, it tingles in my stomach. The floor of the observation deck above the top station of Garmisch Alpspitzbahn grating is made. With every step on one of the 24-meter-long steel arms that rise like an oversized X out of the rock, one has the feeling of floating in the air. At the end you look through glass as if through a window almost 1000 meters in depth. Below the AlpspiX begins the new adventure-pleasure, which winds from 18 stations along two miles down the mountain station of Kreuzeckbahn. Not only families with children have a lot of fun if they go with all your senses to track down the giant of the Alpine peaks.

Views of Val d’Adige, Merano and World Summit

Instead of jagged rock walls lined with fragrant flowers and artfully applied discounts the way to this vantage point. The star architect Matteo Thun Bozener sat at the extreme edge of the park from high above Merano Trauttmansdorf his oversized glasses.

To climb at the end of the stairs to the promenade Sisi Matteo Thun’schen-gazer and goes into the interior of the binoculars, which opens up not only of lying on a slope overlooking the garden. From the air you look through the Vinschgau Meran and apple orchards that lay like a carpet over the Adige Valley and the mountains, which seal off the valley to the south. The material of the platform, which is translucent to give 95 percent, while one the impression that it would float freely.

Dachstein Skywalk – Nothing but top round

platform Hunderkogel

The first step on the glass floor of the Skywalk on the Dachstein glacier costs overcome. But soon his hand loose from the railing and you look fascinated with what is there at your feet does: the yellow glacier gondola that hangs from the valley up and the crows busy dancing cawing through the air. Since 2005, stands on the Dachstein Skywalk Hunerkogel in the sky.

Four meters to get beyond the cliff edge, in order not only to the more than 250 meters vertically sloping wall to look at themselves. In the first place is from the 40-ton reinforced concrete from the views of the rocky peaks all around. The observation deck is clearly higher than the Niagara or the Iguazu waterfalls. Do not miss seeing the Skywalk walk, where you can seen on clear days, the Grossglockner and Triglav. Contrast with program offers the throne room, ice cave, crystal dome and blue salon.

World heritage sight – Fingers in the sky

5fingers: How a hand placed

On the northern edge of the Dachstein massif is the Krippenstein, dizziness outdoors offers a special view. On the 2108-meter summit directly on Lake Hallstatt, show the “5fingers’ unique perspectives. Like a hand over a 400 meter deep chasm open bars arranged not only magnificent views over the Inner Salzkammergut, the lake and in the south of glaciated mountains.

Each of the four-meter-long finger also has a specialty: On one is a massive, golden baroque frames attached so that you can put the photo in front of the Unesco World Heritage site of Hallstatt in the best frame. One of them is completely made of glass. The middle one is shorter and ends with a (non-walkable) stepping stone to symbolize the freedom of the mountains. The fourth finger is a hole in the ground a view of the gulf that opened during the fifth on a pair of binoculars to look into the distance.

Europe’s longest suspension bridge for pedestrians

Not everyone likes the bouncing enthusiasm, bring the laughing children with their base so nice to vibrate. Finally, it can neatly overcoming cost to venture on the steel cable suspension bridge, which spans so elegant about the romantic Lauitobel in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. Even if one forest and grassy bank on the edge of the stream looks at itself, but there are at least 58 meters down to the ground.

Situated on the Mostelberg, only a few steps from the mountain station Stuckli, the adventure begins.
First you hike just a few feet above the ground, but soon the abyss yawns beneath his feet. And on a length of 374 meters. After all, the longest suspension bridge in Europe Mostelberg. And it is wide enough that they are also accessible with a wheelchair or pushchair can. Beyond the gorge opens up a wide network of hiking trails. Among other things, a 3.7 mile long nature trail at various places of power.

Pipe Karwendel – looked into the tube

Telescope at the Karwendelbahn: Museum and courage

More than just a view point is the oversized telescope, in the middle of the woods next to the mountain station Karwendelbahn is leaning against the rock, as it would have taken a giant there. In the 34 meters long and eight meters wide tube made of steel, concrete and larch wood is a museum. Germany’s highest classroom to the locals smile at this architectural masterpiece to 2244 meters, inside which declare temporary exhibitions (free admission) the living conditions of humans, animals and plants in the high alpine terrain and vividly entertaining.

At one end of the rooms you look out a large window beyond 1300 meters above the steep cliff in the direction of Mittenwald and Isar valley. Compared to the eye falls on the Karwendel hollow where the grouse are one of their last refuges in the Bavarian Alps.


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