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Alaska Natural Beauty Landscape

Alaska picture
Alaska is a land of stunning natural beauty-its landscapes and wildlife are a must-see for any traveler. Sailing on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to explore Alaska. Some of the best Alaskan cruises will bring you exhilaratingly close to its glaciers and rocky frozen coasts.

The larger ships provide more amenities while smaller boats and yachts are able to traverse areas the large ships cannot go- bringing a traveler up close and personal with Alaskan wildlife and nature. The most popular routes are the Inside Passage Route, which goes round trip from either Seattle, Washington or Vancouver, and the Gulf Route, which runs Northbound, and Southbound cruises between Seattle/Vancouver and Seward/Whittier.

Many things make the best Alaskan cruises a truly unforgettable experience. For one, you have the chance to see majestic, melting glaciers floating in the unsullied bays of the Inside Passage. You will sail past mysterious and misty fjords-these narrow inlets formed by glacial activity are wonders to behold; some with densely packed vegetation, and other with waterfalls churning down their steep sides.

You will also see whales swimming in the icy cold waters and salmon hurtling across pristine streams. The sight of bears, bald eagles, seals and other magnificent wildlife will greet you on your travels. You can even hike through ancient rain forests and sea-kayak among icebergs directly from your ship. Of course, you can simply lay back, relax, and soak up all this stunning scenery from the vantage point of your deck.

These are just some of the reasons Alaskan cruises so often surpass the expectations of travelers. The untamed wilds and abundant creatures are only half of the Alaskan experience though. Travelers will also be able to sample some of the local flavor and native culture of Alaska at various stops along the cruise.

The port cities of Juneau and Sitka offer plenty of things to do. Juneau is one of the most visually appealing cities with mountains as a backdrop and wilderness on all sides. Sitka still retains traces of its Russian past in its architecture. Its Totem Pole Park and Raptor Rehab Center are also worth a visit.

As so much of Alaska’s coastal areas are inaccessible by traditional modes of transport, cruises are the ideal way to experience this place. More often than not, it is the only way. There is no doubt that the best Alaskan cruises will be a memorable experience that makes for lifelong memories.


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