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Trekking in the Mammoth Cave Dachstein

Mammoth Cave Dachstein
Situated 2,000 meters are the caves of the Dachstein mountain range – and deep into the rock lead their branched courses. A trek with scientists and science fiction author Herbert W. Franke in one of the longest caves in Europe.
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Lonely in the Basque Country: Nice and Sharp

Basque Country
Men with hats, happy sheep and hot chilli: The 700-inhabitant village in the French Basque Country Ainhoa ??the world is still in order. The place is too idyllic to be hiding in the long term before the tourists can.
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Kodiak Iceland, Alaska

Kodiak Island / TMN
Mountains, fjords and large animals: Those who visit the island Kodiak on the south coast of Alaska, applies not only to up to 700 kilogram bear – but also discovered onion domes and French patisserie.
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